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But the challenge lies in extracting, refining, and delivering that data to the business to make better decisions

Data Extraction

Data Refining

Data Delivery

Just over 1 out of every 10 data & AI projects succeed.  Data stuck in operational silos has limited impact on influencing the outcome or is so delayed in reporting, the environment has changed by the time it is analyzed.  We automate the data extraction process, looking for key markers to help the model make better predictions.
Lining the data up, making certain the connections are made and one report connects with another to provide a complete operational picture is difficult work.  The demand for data scientists is predicted to increase over 500% through the next 5 years.  Our AutoEDA (exploratory data analysis) allows you greater efficiency and extends the effectiveness of even a minimal data science team.
Data visualization, custom filters, and on-demand reports are critical to influence and improve your data-driven decision making.  The Capton platform gives you the ability to deliver the key data metrics into an easy to navigate – either by click or by voice using our NLP (natural language processing) to navigate, create custom views, and compare key values in a side-by-side mode to get a full picture of your organization.

Is your company ready for AI? Find out with our free 30 minute AI Assessment

We can help you answer the key questions and indicators of success for any AI project.  Give us 30 minutes and we can provide a clear picture of practical steps to take or refine the specific use case.