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Delinquent loans are on the rise across the U.S, and getting an accurate picture of the risk puts you in a place to make decisions on the best next step.

2020 was an unprecendented year that has seen a record number of both job losses and business closures, an event of such significance we have not seen since the Great Depression.

The impact of these losses are still not fully felt as the PPP loan program from the U.S. government has provided temporary relief, and allowed for most banks to avoid catastrophic charge-offs.

While we are seeing some signs of economic hope at the start of 2021, the predictions around delinquent and non-performing loans (NPL’s) are that they will continue to rise to the levels of 2009/10 during the height of the financial crisis (see chart below).

The adage “time is money” has never been more true as banks try to manage their charge-offs and minimize their losses.  Capton provides that time in the form of a rolling 3 – 12 month window of NPL prediction.

Percentage of Non-Performing Loans in total loans – 1995 – 2019 – source Statista

A.I. - Based Early Warning System

Capton Leverages more than

Loan Data Attributes
Different AI Algorithms